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Split Variation Function Is not working at all

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    Iveii wear


    I just bought the extension from Envato Market. The main reason I was buying the product is because of the split function. But it doesn’t work at all.

    When I try to split the variation, I enabled the setting “delete attribute after splitting”, When it’s split, it doesn’t delete the attributes from the products. Then after I try to split it, there are now two products, but when I tried to import both product. I get this error: “Sku exists”

    Here are the steps I took, for example.
    I’m trying to split product “Widget”
    There are color attribute: A, B, C, 1,2,3, x,y,z
    1st I want to split the product A,B,C into another product, I would highlight the options under Color and choose A,B,C , then I click on Split product by selected variation.
    After I did this, it created another product, but none of the attributes were deleted and they are all still there.
    When I try to import both products, after the 1st product imported, then 2nd one will give an error that says “Sku Exists”.

    Please help fix ASAP.

    Can you please let me know how to fix this? if you have a new debugged version that fixed this issue?

    If I can’t do this, I can’t use this extension, please issue a refund, so I can buy another extension.

    Thank you so much,

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