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    Trey Dismukes

    I’m interested in purchasing the paid version of the Pofily WooCommerce Product Filter, but the free version is giving me problems that I need to sort out before I send you money.

    I was able to get the plug-in installed and configured just fine. I’ve created my own Filter Blocks and Filter Menus exactly as I want them. My filter blocks are mainly associated with product tags. Everything worked just fine the day I set it up, but the following day I added a few more tags to the site and Pofily WPF cannot see them. When I type the new tag into the ‘Choose term’ field under Product Tags, any product tag created after that first evening returns ‘No results found’. All of the previous tags are available, though.

    I’ve tried both disabling and deleting the plug-in, but every time they come back it has all of my old data and gives me the same behavior.

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