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the ajax add to cart button when activated breaks the variable product.

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    Lucky Singh

    when enabled the ajax add to cart option, the variable products gets a invalid variable error.
    and can not use the variable product. i have to disabled the ajax cart, which defeated the purpose of getting the ajax cart feature. please provide a fix.

    the sticky cart the plus and minus qty is being duplicated meaning there are Two negative icons and Two positive icons. on both mobile and desktop.

    error 3.
    if you look at the sticky card add to cart popup, the character limit? can that be fixed to have a longer characters so it can display the full characters with some space, currently the words in the last 3 characters are crunched together.
    -this can be confirmed on the sticky cart or individual buttons on the bottom on mobile and desktop, please provide a fix. thank you.

    steps i did to eliminate if it was any of my other theme or plugins. i have sitemigration tool i had a old backup, and installed the old backup and only installed the theme and the all in one cart plugin by itself, and i had toggled the options, and when i enabled the ajax cart the variable product is getting the error, but when i disable the ajax cart the error with variable product is working correctly, so this is how i found the problem.

    at first i thought it was a problem with me updating the new woo commerce update that was released. but this is not the case.

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