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The Notification not showing after 1 day

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    my site: https://akitasvara.com

    Hi, I love this plugin so much. I have some issue.

    1. The notification does Not respect the Assigned condition tag.
    Initially, the Notification is sometimes working. Sometimes not working Like when using WP’s conditional tags like !is_single(‘post-slug’) to make the notification not showing on some posts or pages.

    2. Cannot use the “state” name (of Thailand), show the state code instead.
    selecting billing product, I want to use the state name like {first_name} from {state} but the plugin shows the state code instead of name. for example TH-10 instead of Bangkok. TH-83 for Phuket.

    2. Reset to default.
    Then, after working about 1 day, the plugin reset to default itself. must re-config again. for example the plugin change “first name” to “someone” automatically.

    4. Now don’t show anything on my domain.
    And now the notification is not showing anymore. I don’t know why maybe the ajax error.

    I have already given the site’s accress informaion below

    Thank you so much

    Best Regards,

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