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The Pop up Notification Doesn’t appear in Loop after getting Closed by Costumer

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    Hi there,

    I just bought your “Woo Commerce Notification” Plug-in.

    So, I have configured the plug in, and when you close the pop up notification for the plug-in that “Someone has purchased a product” at the left bottom of my website, the pop up will never appear again! Although I have selected that the pop up to appear in “Loop”.

    This is my website and you can try it yourself. When you close the pop up, it will not appear again. Why is doing that?

    My Website: https://nedapasand.com/

    I have included a screenshot of my settings in the “Time” section of your plug-in down below. As you can see, I have selected the pop up to appear in “Loop” once it’s been closed by the costumer.

    I even deactivated my website cache plug in, but still the problem resists.

    Please solve this issue as soon as possible, as I have bought the plug-in for the “Loop” feature specifically, but now it doesn’t work!

    One more thing. So in my website admin panel, there is a new version of the Woo Commerce Notification Plug in that I need to update to. But the weird thing is when I click on the link for the new version, it directs me to a different plug in which is “Woo Commerce Multi Currency – Currency Switcher” which is so weird!!

    I have checked your website and Envato website for the latest version of the “Woo Commerce Notification” plug in which is version 1.4.1 and currently my website is running 1.4.1 version. So not sure what is going on.

    Please check and let me know how you solved the issue of the pop up not appearing in loop after getting closed by a costumer.

    Thank you very much.

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