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The Widgets are maybe mest up

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    R. Silveer

    Hello there 🙂
    i just added the widgets in the PC Builder (WC Widgets from the plugin, nothing else). I added the Price Widget and some other depends on attributes.

    The issue:

    1) The price widget seems not working well, as example in Step 1 i have CPU from 115.50,- to 818.90,- but in the price widget it shows from 90 (i can live with that) to 756.00,- and thats bad, because it should show also the most expensive CPU, in this case 818.90 (but the price widget show max price 756,-)

    It seems all steps have the same issue with the price widget, like mainboard: The most expensive mainboard is 755.20,- but the price widget shows max 730.00,-

    I think this should not be, i have no idea why it shows false prices. Just go through the steps and look the prices from the parts and then look on the price widget left side, the min – max prices are not compatible with each step product prices. Can you check it?

    I sended the url link to the product builder in the Access Information.

    Thank you 🙂

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