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Time lagging error.

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    store ela

    Hello. Greetings.
    We have purchased the multicurrency plugin. and now using it from some time.
    When ever we use to activate the Currency by country . Our sales get to drop.

    This is because. As our some customers told us. That when they open the website they see the price in USD. as 35.99 and after 3 . to 6 seconds price gets change to there respective country price. which as in Canada jump the price to 48.99 CAD as because of the conversion difference.

    So just because people see USD first and then CAD or AUD as of there respective country they do not pay. As they do not get that it had been changed in the native Currency.

    So please do let us know the rite part to get this time lag to get corrected. So that our customers dont face this issue.

    We are looking forward to here from you soon over this.

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