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Too many issues

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    Marko Cvetanovic


    I just installed this a day ago, submit for app permissions and this is my feedback.

    The app has too many issues, I would say that nothing works.

    1. FB checkbox is not appearing. FB TEAM CAN’T TEST!!!
    – I tested this in several browsers, it appeared in Chrome once and that’s it. Mobile nothing. With the inspect tool I saw that some code is there but not shows up.
    – “Send to messenger require” – this option is useless in my case because FB checkbox is hidden and add to cart button is stacked.

    2. The email template is good but the checkout button from the email template ({wacv_checkout_btn}) leads to the homepage.

    3. The product template in messenger is OK but not working in messenger for the mobile.it shows a preview like an image and not clickable.

    I have 80% customer through mobile and this is not worth any money.

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