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    Hello and sorry for contacting you on pre sales, I cannot find a way to contact the support, maybe you can forward my email.

    I have to questions:
    1. We run a bilingual website (www.heartbeat-festival.ch) and need to tranlate the e-mail for the booking confirmation into French (German is fine). I found adescription on your website (https://docs.villatheme.com/woocommerce-email-template-customizer/) , but the shown button “translate” is not in our version. How do I manage the translation? Do I have to buy the pro version?
    2. I don’t know if you can help – we work with 2 booking plugins, WooCommerce for accomodations and Modern Event Calendar for events. I people book an accomodation, the confirmation e-mail, designed with your plugin, is send ou properly. If people book an event, there is no confirmation mail send out. Do you have any experience with the compatibility of your plugin and Modern Event Calendar?

    Thank you and kind regards

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