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Variable Product as Gift – Question regarding Display settings

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    Further to our recent pre-sales question, the client in question wants to offer a Variable Product as a gift on specified products. Unfortunately, with the way the Variable product currently displays it is not immediately obvious that they can choose a different variable, as by default the variable shown is the first one in the list. (See attached screenshots Jagif-Productpage1 and Jagif-Productpage2)

    Is there a way to change this so that, if it is a variable product, it displays as a drop-down on the product page with specified text, e.g. “Please choose your gift…” or “Select gift…”?

    Also, and I may have simply missed this in the documentation, so apologies if that is the case, but is it also possible to remove the link to the Gifted product on the product page entirely?
    I have disabled the “Enable link to gift” option in the settings but it still seemed to be an active link, although it just loads the same product in a new tab. (See attached screenshot Jagif-Settings)

    Finally, would you be able to add a feature to this plugin whereby a from/to date can be set, both to rules as well as at product level? If that feature exists already an I have missed it, please could you let me know how to set it?

    Please let me know if anything is unclear or if you need further information.

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