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Variable Products & Bundles Not Working with Bopo

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    Tom Edwards

    Hello support,

    We have just purchased the Bopo product builder hoping to use it on our website, westlakepro.com.

    On our website, we have thousands of products that can come with any number of added accessories, and we were hoping this plugin would allow us to give our customers a price break if they bundle up. I’ve run into a few problems on my first run-through of using this plugin.

    – Variable products. We sell a lot of cabling on our site that are all variable products. It’s a lot easier to sell a person a cable if the item is variable, and ideally, this would be the perfect scenario for your plugin. I’ve tried adding the product in the “Product” area as well as the “Product variation” area, and no matter what I do, I receive an alert that the item I’ve chosen is a “invalid variation” and that I cannot add it to the bundle.

    – Needing at least two products. I haven’t dove very far into the customization of this, but I wish it were a little easier to just offer a one item add on instead of needing to bundle at least 2 items. It adds an extra square and makes it look really clunky, if there’s anyway to remove the second square that would be great.

    – Added bundle not priced correctly. I finally got the Bopo plugin to work with two normal items. I added this newly created bundle to my cart and when I went to check out I found out that I was getting the second added item completely free. This…is not good and needs some serious fixing.

    Please advise ASAP or I will be requesting a refund.

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