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Variable products conflict

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    1. I have made a small video showing that if I have enabled the variable product swatches to show up in the product catalogue, when I switch currency from the currency bar, the currency does not change for the variable products.
    Now if the variable swatches are not enabled to show up in the product catalogue the currency switches normally. (If I’m logged in as Admin all the prices change using the currency bar. The above behaviour I observed it while testing on a private window).

    2. The variable swatches do not show up in the product catalogue when I go to page 2,3, but only show up in page 1.
    You can see that in page 2 of the product catalogue, the currency changes correctly for the variable products, because the variation swatches for the product do not show up.

    Ideally, it would be great if I could keep the variation swatches to display in the product catalog on all pages as well as the currency switch to work. Please let me know if this can be fixed, or I must go with some setting compromisation.

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