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Variable Subscriptions Price Showing “variable” prices

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    In our variable subscription products a strange thing is happening with the prices being displayed.
    We have the prices setup as “Fixed” (so no calculations/rates should be needed) but, on our variable subscription pages, the price shown at the top ( which has the text “From: $XX.XX/month” ) the price being shown for the secondary currencies is a calculation of the primary price and the exchange rate, instead of the set fixed Price for those currencies.

    Curiously, the price that appear once you select the desired variable is correct ( the one below the select boxes and above submit button).
    So in essence, two different prices are displayed on the product page.

    As a practical example: Product A , with a price of GBP £19.99 / month, when on the default currency (GBP), both price fields have the sames and correct value. But when you switch to AUD the value of the top field is $38.27 instead of the $39.99 that were inserted on the product edit page. The bottom field shows the $39.99 correctly.

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