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Where is Upsell Product Summary

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    John Hinkle

    I’d like to start out by saying you guys have a REALLY great plugin here. I was very impressed with how easy it is to use as well. The only feedback I have for it is….

    Why don’t we have a product summary or description for the Upsell popup? There is nothing on the upsell popup that would entice a customer to purchase because the only thing you are displaying is an image and title. Why not include a way to have one upsell product in the popup with a summary of benefits that we can add to it along with a link to the upsell product if the customer actually wanted to look into it more.

    A picture and title isn’t going to sell anything with this feature. You should have more of the options that are available on the Bump portion of the plugin like being able to add a summary, etc.

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