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    Hey, I just installed woo lucky wheel.
    I had to disable inlining css to get it to work (using speed booster)
    What is the style that I can exclude from inlining for the wheel so I don’t need to completely turn off all inlining?
    I tried wlwl_lucky_wheel_content but this did not work.

    Also on mobile, only the content input is visible, and not the wheel, until data is inputted into the email (or any input field)
    And then the wheel shows up below, but even when it does show up it is too small to read the segments.

    Is this the correct behavior? Is there a way to make the wheel visible before someone commits to entering details? (they are unlikely to enter details if they cannot see what they are spinning for)

    And is there a way to make the wheel larger on mobile only?


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