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    Lora B


    at first everything worked like normal.

    But I noticed problems:

    1. Only 1 coupon is displayed (most recently created). This last coupon is not always displayed (rather with a 50% probability). If you add other coupons, only 1 is always displayed in the list of coupons available for display.
    I don’t understand what it is connected with – I recorded a video for you, maybe I didn’t set something up correctly ???

    2. As far as I understand, only the coupon that is assigned to the “fixed discount on the product” is displayed – is that correct?

    3. Because of problem 1, I still don’t understand: is it possible to display 2 coupons at the same time?
    For example, if my product is included in 2 coupons.

    4. Is it compatible with auto-apply cart coupon plugins? I have it installed.

    Please help me, and watch the video with the settings and the problem.


    The plugin is very good and the idea is great.

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