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WooCommerce Migrate to Shopify Feature Request

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    Sam Son

    I am using the free version of WooCommerce Migrate to Shopify plugin. Everything works fine.

    The reason for stopping me from using the paid version is that those additional Pro features are not really important to me. All I need is an Auto Sync Products feature.

    Currently, I manage 5 WooCommerce sites and one Shopify shop which is basically an integrated shop of those 5 WooCommerce sites. I have migrated all products to the Shopify site from those 5 WooCommerce sites.

    However, each WooCommerce site’s products will be updated from time to time, eg adding new products, updating descriptions and photos etc. To do this manually is a very time-consuming task.

    If this plugin facilitates with auto-sync feature and will update Shopify products as soon as product listings on WooCommerce sites have been changed, that will save hours of work.

    It would be even better if there was a plugin for Shopify to retrieve products from various WooCommerce sites daily/weekly/monthly.

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