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    Dear villatheme support team.
    I haveve a question. 😉
    Can you please explain in your own simple words what can i do with this tool on the WooCommerce Product Variations Swatches. Normally i thought my english will be enough to understand a lot. but this i can´t..

    I´m searching for an plug-in, what will give me a solution for the following problem:
    we are selling planters. they have different meassures, and different colours. now i want to give our customers the solution to choose a planter in size X with the colour y.I regulate this with the selection field or with color (images) swatches.
    But some colors belong to certain Planter collections. and i want that there are basically 2 or more rows of colors at the produkt-detail-page to choose from. if the customer then chooses a color, he will only be shown the available sizes of the collection in which the selected colors are available or the other way around, if he chooses a certain size, the unavailable colors are hidden with a red cross… But now you can/must select 2 colours and one size.. :-/
    (in my example no individually available sizes are shown. (But I think it has more to do with the fact that there are more than 30 variants in this example and that there are problems anyway if you do not set this in function-php.)

    do you understand what I mean and can you help me, please ?

    thanks in advance.
    best regards

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