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{wot_tracking_url} is adding “TRACKINGNUMBER” text string to the actual tracking number

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    David Martinez


    I found that {wot_tracking_url} is adding/appending the text string “TRACKINGNUMBER” to the actual tracking number, so on usps page is being input like the following:
    Tracking Number: TRACKINGNUMBER9405511699000976550441
    while it should be
    Tracking Number: 9405511699000976550441

    Obviously the client always see an error cause the tracking number sent is TRACKINGNUMBER9405511699000976550441 (example)

    This is the link on the last order tracking email I sent, if you follow the link you’ll see how it’s wrong

    Hi Ranjan,

    Your order has been shipped. You can click on the link below to follow the progress of your package:


    I’m attaching screenshots from the plugin “(free version) Email Template Customizer for WooCommerce” order tracking email template, the actual output error on the tracking number can be checked live directly by clicking on the previous link.

    So please fix the shortcode {wot_tracking_url} for it not to add that text string. It’s urgent.

    Thank you,
    Best Regards

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