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Bulky – WooCommerce Bulk Edit Products, Orders, Coupons version 1.2.2

– Update: Add bulk remove product attributes feature
– Fix: Calculate price with small price
– Fix: Variation filter
– Update: Sort fields


eCommerce Notification – Live Feed Recent Sales version 1.0.13

– Fixed: Add link param belong save log option
– Added: Name by country option


WooCommerce Notification – Boost Your Sales version 1.5.0

– Fixed: Fixed conflict css with Theme Kinves and Plugin BoldGrid Inspirations
– Update: Minify css
– Added: Name by country option


WooCommerce Boost Sales – WooCommerce Cross sell and Upsell version 1.5.0

– Updated: Select variations with button template
– Updated: Change trigger ‘wc_fragment_refresh’ to trigger ‘updated_wc_div’
– Updated: Show upsell popup for grouped product


WooCommerce Thank You Page Customizer – Increase Customer Retention Rate – Boost Sales version 1.2.2

– Update: Compatible with WC 7.5.0 and WP 6.2
– Fixed: Fixed security


WooCommerce Email Template Customizer version 1.1.18

– Updated: Compatible with WC 7.5.0 and WP 6.2
– Updated: Compatible with ‘TrackShip for WooCommerce’ plugin by TrackShip
– Updated: Updated separate shortcode subject and content with [wec_order_meta_subject key=””]
– Updated: Updated filter hook to remove link in billing and shipping detail. ‘viwec_remove_billing_phone_link’, ‘viwec_remove_billing_email_link’, ‘viwec_remove_shipping_phone_link’


WooCommerce Product Variations Swatches version 1.0.14

– Updated: Updated show all items of the attribute in a slider on Product Detail Page
– Updated: Compatibility with WP 6.2 and WC 7.5


WPBulky – WordPress Bulk Edit Post Types version 1.0.4

– Updated: Multiple option for meta field



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