New update in July, 2022

VillaTheme is excited to announce the release of new plugin updates in July 2022. The updates are out now, and it’s packed with new features that we think you’ll love.

Here’s a quick rundown of what’s new:

1. ALD – Aliexpress Dropshipping and Fulfillment for WooCommerce v1.0.22

– Fixed: Bulk orders/Auto fulfill – AliExpress orders placed but not saving to Woo orders if an order contains multiple items of the same seller
– Added: Option to select which elements to show menu count for

2. WooCommerce Orders Tracking v1.0.16

– Fixed: Unable to assigning custom carriers(created since v1.0.14) to a tracking number
– Fixed: Duplicated tracking info on Customer’s order details page due to using the same hook with WooCommerce Email/Tracking info position option
– Added: Option to turn on debug(push tracking numbers to PayPal)
– Fixed: [Multilingual]Tracking page not working for the translated page in a secondary language
– Added: [Customize]Option to translate datetime
– Added: Option to turn on debug for webhook

3. WooCommerce Product Variations Swatches v1.0.10

– Fixed: “Change the size of attribute items” not applied to Select type
– Improved: Values of Global attributes are paginated
– Improved: Remove empty css
– Added: Preview of attribute image and color on Global attributes page
– Added: Ability to modify tooltip content, show attribute image/variation image in tooltip
– Added: Option to show attribute value for Color/Image type
– Fixed: CSS of out-of-stock icon when enabling option to show attribute value for Color/Image type
– Fixed: Custom attributes not saving correctly if name contains quote sign

4. WooCommerce Boost Sales v1.4.11

– Fixed: Added amount in upsells popup not showing correctly according to tax settings
– Fixed: Bundle price and tax settings
– Fixed: Upsells not showing with xoo_wsc_add_to_cart
– Added: Option to only select the first product by default(Frequently bought together)

5. S2W – Import Shopify to WooCommerce v1.1.7

– Fixed: Import description images when Use external links for images option is enabled
– Fixed: Multiple order refunds/adjustments
– Updated: VillaTheme support
– Updated: Support latest Shopify API version 2022-04
– Added: Map quantity for importing csv

6. WooCommerce Lucky Wheel v1.1.7

– Update: check update file
– Fixed: Mailchimp couldn’t add subscription email
– Updated: Compatibility with WC6.6.0
– Updated: Added check validated phone number
– Fixed: Fixed style configuration in settings does not save
– Updated: Add mail APIs: Mailster

7. WordPress Lucky Wheel v1.1.9

– Update: check update file
– Updated: Added check validated phone number
– Fixed: Mailchimp couldn’t add subscription email
– Fixed: fixed setting style not working for shortcode
– Updated: Add mail APIs: Mailster

8. Pofily – Woocommerce Product Filters v1.1.6
– Fixed: Fixed get tax current query
– Fixed: Fixed duplicate filter block after filtered by ajax
– Fixed: Fixed filter for price displays incorrect price after filtering
– Fixed: Fixed dropdown filter for price couldn’t clear filter
– Updated: Compatible with WC6.6.0
– Added: Hook to show categories without items when filtering, Hook name:’viwcpf_hook_show_term_non_product’, Value: boolean
– Added: Add spanish translation file

9. Bulky – WooCommerce Bulk Edit Products, Orders, Coupons v1.2.1

– Fixed: Display RTL
– Fixed: Search from 0 to 0
– Fixed: SKU is removed when filter edit fields
– Fixed: Change option Orderby regular/sale price to orderby price
– Fixed: Paste data from clipboard
– Update: Calculate sale price base on regular price
– Update: Add images to galleries
– Update: Add attributes to products
– Update: Select & multiselect for custom meta fields
– Update: Filter include variation
– Update: Change icon of array meta to string
– Fix: Get saved taxonomies as array
– Update: Exclude meta key wpfoof-exclude-product, wpfoof-identifier_exists

10. WooCommerce Product Builder v2.2.1

– Fix: Insert image to email content
– Fix: AJAX template, depend notice
– Fix: Remove pagination in count filter
– Updated: Scroll bar to top when change page (AJAX template)
– Updated: Print button
– Updated: Download PDF
– Updated: Check compatible with WordPress 6.0 & WooCommerce 6.5
– Updated: Description for step when no product found
– Updated: Enable/Disable short descripton when print
– Fix: Show search pagination in classic template


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