New Update VillaTheme’s plugins in May

We gathered all of our customers’ problems and ideas and released new updates in May. The May updates include new features and fixes that are ready for you to use. Let’s find out what they are and how they have evolved.

1. WooCommerce Multi Currency version 2.1.35

– Fixed: Compatibility issues with TeraWallet and UddoktaPay Gateway

– Fixed: Compatibility issues with Lumise

– Fixed: Fixed price(regular) not showing properly in some cases

– Fixed: Error when changing order currency(order edit) if fixed price is enabled but order product item does not have fixed price in target currency

– Fixed: Unable to dismiss renew message in 2.1.33

– Fixed: Deprecated _register_controls notice from Elementor 3.6

– Fixed: Compatibility issues with TeraWallet – credit not converted if order status is manually switched to paid statuses after payment; cashback conversion

– Fixed: Compatibility issues with Visual Products Configurator by ORION – linked options not converting

– Fixed: WPML – get fixed price of original product if the translated product does not have fixed price but the original product has

– Added: VillaTheme support – ability to hide recommended plugins list under the plugin settings

– Added: “Sync checkout currency” option – make currency changed by “Change currency follow” option remain for the current customer session as if it’s switched by the customer via currency switcher widgets

– Fixed: Compatibility issues with WooCommerce TM Extra Product Options By ThemeComplete

2. ALD – Aliexpress Dropshipping and Fulfillment for WooCommerce version 1.0.20

– Fixed: Unable to dismiss renew message in 1.0.19

– Fixed: False alert of offline products that have 2 different versions with different IDs for different countries

– Fixed: Unable to import due to different designs of some products from

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