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    Hi, thanks for this very useful plugin.

    I have a few issues:

    For variable products
    – when a default variation is pre-selected, the input box doesn’t show, the customer needs to select another option, then go back to the preferred one to show the input box

    – minimum price, if specified in “simple product”, cannot be changed in “variable products” general tab (only in individual variations)

    On Product List:
    – I cannot edit the pop-up content (always shows “Name Your Price” despite I tried to change it to “Suggested Price” and adding some extra text – it doesn’t show it at all)

    – as soon as I specify on which pages to display, the pop-up doesn’t work but instead the button redirects to the product page

    – I have also changed “Add to cart” to “Add to basket” globally on my website, but the pop-up still shows “Cart”, and the button is not styled in line with other woocommerce buttons

    – doesn’t seem to work with woocommerce “add to cart” shortcode (the idea is to be able to put that button anywhere, not only on product pages)

    On Single Product:
    – border around currency not aligned (a little bigger than the input box)

    I would appreciate your help.

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