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    I just purchased the “Fakiew – Virtual Reviews for WooCommerce” and this is really cool plugin. I am planning to buy few more licenses for different websites will your discount is going on. But I have few questions after using this plugin on one website

    1) When I deactivate the plugin, all the Fake reviews given by this plugin are still visible. After disabling the plugin shouldn’t all those Fake reviews disappear?

    2) If I want to delete all the Fake reviews given by this plugin for some reason, how do I do it? Can I create the rule to delete the Fake reviews e.g. delete fake reviews only in certain category or products OR delete all Fake reviews between so and so date having 4-stars etc.?

    3) Adding comments for the reviews (Review content) is a very tedious task as it can quickly run out of the provided stock if I have enabled “unique content” option. Can you provide Spintext feature in the review content using standard syntax used universally for Spintext like {good|nice|best|fantastic}? That will create lot many options for the Unique content.

    4) Once I handover the website to the client and if my client is not paying, can I remotely disable this plugin from the client’s website even if I don’t have wp-admin access of the website? Can I disable/remove the plugin from my VillaTheme members area?


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