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Issues with pricing / notification message and ajax

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    Carley Payne


    I have a few issues and I think they are mainly ajax issues but I am unsure.

    Firstly, I have a product set up here: http://demo.paynelessmedia.com.au/sites/rsd/product/roller-shutter/
    This product is using WooCommerce, and Gravity Forms and the price is updated down the bottom of the page, depending on what options are chosen.

    1. My first issue is the notification that’s displayed is incorrect. If all required fields in the form aren’t filled in and I hit Add to Basket I get the Boost Sales Modal popup saying that the item has been added to the cart (however it hasn’t due to incorrect data). See image 1. Can this be changed?

    2. In the above scenario, if I close the modal I get the error messages on the form but the price no longer updates (It remains at $0). I was previously having issues with that on normal page load, but adjusted the ajax settings. Now it’s only incorrect after I close the modal. See image 2.

    3. I think a solution to both of the above would be to not allow the popup from appearing if there are required fields empty. Is this possible?

    Thanks so much!
    – Carley

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