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Quickview Pop-Up not working

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    Hi, I am trying to get my lookbook to work where when you click on a node, it opens up a pop-up of the product image and product information. At the moment I am experiencing the following problems:

    1. When clicking on the node, it takes me directly to the single product page, and doesn’t open the pop-up
    2. When clicking on the image (it shows the “expand” button in the bottom right corner), then it opens a larger version of the image that I have clicked on, and the product images almost disappear completely (when I select the “Box” display), or display very small (when I select the “Modal” display). And when I do click on the small product image, it brings up a very large version BEHIND the pop-up / modal.
    3. It also doesn’t show the navigation on the mobile display.

    Can you please assist with what the causes for this could be? Am I doing something seriously wrong?

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