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    khan codebox

    I have a dropship website. I needed to apply a timer on each product. So I had chosen your Sales countdown timer.
    After installing the plugin I tried to apply a countdown timer. When I had a few products the plugin worked. But when I imported a huge number of products the plugin was not working. I tried to apply the timer on bulk products, it’s giving me errors. I am applying other attributes changes on the bulk products which are working but when I am applying timer attributes on the bulk products it is giving me errors. After that, it is also not working with a single product.
    I thought it may be our hosting problem. I contacted them but after long research and testing, they told me it is the problem with the plugins. The plugins are sending lots of AJAX requests.

    I applied some variable changes on the bulk products with other variables, which is working great. But only this plugin is not working. So this is clear that your plugins is not working.

    So please tell me what should do now? I had attached some screenshots of problems, which I got after applying the timer. Please find that. And give me a solution as soon as possible.

    Thank you

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