Update Import Shopify to WooCommerce 1.0.7

A new version of Import Shopify to WooCommerce is just released. In this update, the plugin brings you some bugs fix and new features. Update the plugin from your site now. Now you can import products using CSV file and schedule the plugin to update product price, inventory.


  • Fixed: Function to download error images.
  • Fixed: Sanitize email when Shopify API returns special character in order’s billing email.
  • Optimized: Reduce bad request rate.
  • Optimized: Reduce error images rate.
  • Optimized: Import speed.
  • Optimized: UI/UX.
  • Added: Option to use global attributes instead of custom attributes so that attributes can be used for WC filters plugin…
  • Added: Cron update Products/Orders.
  • Added: Import product from CSV.
  • Added: Import coupon settings.

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    rehman amjad October 20, 2019

    hello team i use this software its good but its take too much time for importing products can you help me why its speed to slow or any problem can you please help me

      Julian October 21, 2019

      The importing speed is defended on the speed of your Shopify and Woo store. We can not help with this.

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