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Auto update not working for WooCommerce Boost Sales!

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    I’m contacting you because the Auto-update for the WooCommerce Boost Sales plugin is no longer working!
    I updated this plugin automatically on my site multiple times without any issues in the past, but today I couldn’t update it via my dashboard. You seem to have a problem with your auto-updates!

    I’ve already followed the guide here: https://villatheme.com/knowledge-base/how-to-use-auto-update-feature/
    I have the key added to my site and it is authenticated on your website at https://villatheme.com/check-purchased-code

    I attached a couple of screenshots.

    Why does it say that my key is expired?! What does this even mean? I purchased a license and I’m supposed to get future updates! and Why do you have an expiration date on the activation key anyway?

    This is so confusing.

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